Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine Vol. 24, Number 2, April-June, 2023 Contains 80 pages from 81 to 160 (inclusive of all advertisements)

Vol. 19 Number 3 July-September 2018


Impact of Patient Education and Knowledge on Medication Adherence in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
HK Aggarwal, Deepak Jain, Subhash Meel

A Comparative Study of Body Fat Percentage and Biochemical Profile between First Degree Relatives of Diabetic Patients and Non Diabetic Patients
Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Prashant Prakash, Ashwini Kumar Nigam, Chandan Gupta

Effect of Iron Supplementation on Glycosylated Haemoglobin in Non Diabetic Individuals with Iron Deficiency Anaemia
AK Varshney, Shivanshu Singhal, Pulin Kumar Gupta, RS Taneja, MPS Chawla, RS Tonk, Subodh Kumar Mahto, Lokesh Kumar Sharma

Assessment of Systolic and Diastolic Dysfunction in Patients of Tuberculosis and its Correlation with Pulmonary Function Tests
M Chaturvedi, PK Maheshwari, Rohit Baiswar, A Pandey, Mohd Javed

An Interventional Study on Metered Dose Inhaler Technique Errors in Patients with Respiratory Illness
M Sowmya Siri, Vikas Loomba

Correlation of Apolipoprotein B and Apolipoprotein A1 with Metabolic Syndrome: Single Centre Experience in Delhi
Gwenette Andrea War, Sanjay Raina, Ruchi Jain, Saket Kant

Observational Study of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients of Falciparum and Vivax Malaria in North India
AK Nigam, AK Singh, Subhash Chandra, Prabhat Agarwal, Ashish Gautam, Mukesh Kumar Maurya

Organophosphorus Poisoning: A Clinical Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Ashwini Kumar Nigam, Rohit Baiswar

Case Reports Arthritis in Two Brothers: A Diagnostic Challenge
Rudrajit Paul, Biplab Gayen, Prashant Kumar Mandal, Bikas Ch Seth, Sumit Sarkar, Dipanjan Bandyopadhyay, Sayantan Jana, Alamgir SK

Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome without Sicca Symptoms: An Uncommon Entity
Aishwarya Ramprasad, Upendra Baitha, Prabhat Kumar , Ashutosh Biswas

A Case Report of Paraquat Poisoning
Neha Gupta, Alpana Chugh, Balshine Singh Kanwar, BM Singh Lamba

Recurrent Acute Confusional State as a Manifestation of Hypertensive Brainstem Encephalopathy
Geeta A Khwaja, Abhilekh Srivastava, Shyamsunder Lakshkar, Neera Chaudhry

Spondyloarthropathy in Three Generations: Link with Specific HLA Alleles
Rudrajit Paul, Prashant Kumar Mondal, Biplab K Gayen, Dipanjan Bandyopadhyay

Evan’s Syndrome with Autoimmune Thyroiditis: A Rare Clinical Presentation
Smita Gupta, Ankit Grover, Deep Chandra Pant, Abhishek Dixit

Fatal Eosinophilic Cardiomyopathy and Dysphonia A Case Report from a Teaching Hospital in Nepal
RN Das, Rajesh Nepal, Madhav Bista

Purpura Fulminans in Plasmodium vivax Malaria
Shruti Arora, Amit Aggarwal, Sumita Saha Kanwar, Prem Singh Nayyar

CME Primary Adrenal Tuberculosis Presenting as Addison’s Disease
Benin Rajesh, Manjit Mahendran, Prabhat Kumar

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