Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine Vol. 24, Number Number 3-4, July-December, 2023 Contains, 80 pages from 161 to 240 (inclusive of all advertisements)


It is the responsibility of every person listed as an author of an article published in JIACM to have contributed in a meaningful and identifiable way to the design, performance, analysis, and reporting of the work, and agree to be accountable for all aspects of the work.

Financial Associations/Conflict of Interest
JIACM is committed to publishing quality research and reliable articles that are free from commercial influence.

For all research articles we publish, JIACM requires study sponsorship and relevant financial information to be disclosed by the authors at the time of submission of manuscript. The disclosure forms of all authors are available with the editors. A separate policy applies to Review Articles and editorials, which comment on published articles but do not present new research. JIACM expects that authors of such articles not to have any significant financial interest in any biomedical company relevant to the topics and products discussed in the article. It has been JIACM policy that none of it’s editors have any financial relationship with any biomedical company. "When authors submit a manuscript of any type or format they are responsible for disclosing all financial and personal relationships that might bias or be seen to bias their work. JIACM recommends use of the ICMJE  Form for Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest to facilitate and standardize authors’ disclosures. The same should be downloaded, filled, signed and appended to their submission."

Clinical Trial Registration
In accordance with the ICMJE regulations, JIACM requires investigators to register their trial in an acceptable clinical trials registry (Clinical Trials Register of India, CTRI) at  www.ctri.nic.in before the onset of patient enrollment. The CTRI number received, upon registration, must be quoted while submitting the manuscript.

Material published in the JIACM is covered by copyright. All rights are reserved under Indian and international copyright and other laws and conventions. If you are seeking permission to copy/reproduce/republish content from JIACM and are not the author of that content, you may contact the Editor, JIACM.

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Reprints are available in both paper and electronic formats upon publication. Reprints of articles from JIACM are for use only as standalone educational materials. JIACM does not permit the reproduction of its name, logo, or text on promotional literature. 

Reprints of articles from JIACM may not be altered in any way. No additional printing may be set onto a reprint other than what has been printed. This includes, but is not limited to, the placement of sponosorship identifiers, trademarks, logos, rubber stamping or self-adhesive stickers onto the reprints. Further, we do not allow any text other than what has been published by JIACM to be printed directly onto text pages.

Reprints must be a freestanding part of any information package (eg, media kit) into which they are inserted. They may not be physically attached to anything, such as advertising inserts, or have anything attached to them, such as a product sample. Article reprints must be easily removed from any kits or informational packages in which they are used. 

For further information, please contact the Editor, JIACM.