Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine Vol. 24, Number 1, January-March, 2023 Contains 80 pages from 1 to 80 (inclusive of all advertisements)


JIACM 2022 Jan-June, Vol. 23(1-2) 2022 (page 63-69)          

The article : The Spectrum of Imaging findings of Hypoxic- Ischemic Encephalopathy : A must know for the critical care specialist
published in JIACM 2022 ; 23(1-2): 63-69 is a case series and not a Case Report.

Name of the first author in this article is to be read as Vikash Sharma instead of Vikash Kumar.

JIACM 2018 July-September, Vol. 19(03) 2018 (Page 218-221)        

The Article “Hypercalcaemic Crisis as a Rare Presentation of Hyperthyroidism”
by Manaswi Chaubey, Manish Gupta, Anoop singh and Praveen Kumar Chaturvedi published in Vol. No.19(03): JIACM 2018 July-September 2018 Issue; Page 218-221 has been withdrawn due to serious ethical concerns raised by one of the authors.

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