Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine ,Vol. 25, Number 1-2, January-June, 2024 Contains 80 pages from 1 to 80 (inclusive of all advertisements)

About the Editors

The Editorial team consists of the Chief Editor (Dr Sumeet Singla), Associate Editor (Dr Vipin Mediratta) and other associate physicians who are members of the editorial team (Dr D G Jain, Dr B B Rewari, Dr MPS Chawla and Dr Smarajit Banik) - many of whom have been past editors of JIACM. The editorial team has been chosen for their academic affiliations and expert background(s) in Internal medicine. All are holding significant full-time faculty positions at large tertiary academic institutes in India and have several years of teaching, clinical and research experience behind them.

The Chief Editor has the final say in all matters of manuscript acceptance/rejection. He is assisted in this by the associate editor. Together, both decide which manuscripts are suitable for peer review and later on, for publication. Original research articles are initially scanned for suitability by the chief editor and the members. The other, non-research, manuscripts are scanned by the associate editor.