Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine Vol. 24, Number Number 3-4, July-December, 2023 Contains, 80 pages from 161 to 240 (inclusive of all advertisements)


Indian Association of Clinical Medicine is an academic body constituted in the year 1992 by a group of clinicians with the main aim of reaffirming the importance of clinical medicine in this era of high-tech diagnostic modalities. There is no doubt that modern investigational methods have contributed a lot to the present day medical practice but that does not render clinical acumen and examination less important. The art and science of clinical medicine helps up to make proper and judicious use of investigations and not these be the sole basis of our practice. That is the basic idea behind this 'Association'. We presently have members and fellows of the association from all over the country. In August, 2002 the body was registered as "Indian Association of Clinical Medicine" by the Registrar of Societies, Delhi.

The Journal, Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine (JIACM) is the official publication of academic wing of Indian Association of Clinical Medicine and is being published, quarterly, since 1998. The Journal is striving hard to keep the art & science of clinical medicine alive and kicking. JIACM is registered with Registrar of News Papers of India, is indexed on Indmed (Indian medlar service), and has been allotted an ISSN number.

The Journal has various sections such as review articles, update articles, postgraduate clinics, editors choice, original articles, short communications, etc. However, we encourage the inclusion of a variety of articles of interest in clinical medicine. There is also emphasis on pictorial CMEs and articles on clinical signs. The journal caters to English speaking primary care physicians, internists, and sub-specialists in medicine from all over India. Over the years, the journal has been regularly receiving contributions of eminent physicians from all parts of India and abroad, thus catering to a pan-India appeal.

The website of JIACM serves as an interactive repository of clinical knowledge accumulated by the journal over it’s 25 year journey.

All readers can contribute articles as per "Instructions to authors" published in the Journal from time to time. Any suggestions for improving the quality of content of Journal are welcome.

The editorial board strives to ensure that the contents of JIACM adhere to the highest editorial, ethical, academic and linguistic standards in the world.